Long Coffin Press-On Nails

Long Coffin Press-On Nails

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Neon Orange Gloss
Neon Orange Matte
White Gloss
White Matte
Brown Sugar Gloss
Brown Sugar Matte
Neon Yellow Matte

The instant chic that you need in your life. These are not your typical press-on nails. With a high quality, salon look, and multiple options - changing your nails with your outfit just became your reality.

Length: Long

Shape: Coffin

Finish: Gloss or Matte

Sizes: With sizes 0-9, they are sure to fit (20 pieces in total).

Set comes with a nail kit: buff block; nail glue & tabs; cuticle pusher; alcohol wipe

(With matter nails, please note that color transfer is highly likely)